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Method, drawing:

My work has a number of years been driven towards a more and more detailed expression, that means I exlusively been working with pencil for a longer period.

To obtain an overview of the image while working I have choisen to make very small drawings, although this is a natural development from carrying out small-scale drawings for paintings that were in the range of 200 x 200 cm. The drawing requires magnification glasses to make it possible for a viewer to see the image and it´s details properly as well as the structure that are built up together with the paper grain.
A pencil drawing could be likened to a photographic negative, enlarged to make the barely visible visible. This provides the opportunity for a viewer to establish a clear and direct relation to the image. The final image in large size shows the work of the hand and relates to the room in a new way.

The drawing is first photographed by Bo Jemseby, the negativ is then converted into a digital file. The enlarged digital print is based upon this file.

Karin Andersson | gkeandersson@swipnet.se